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TheShark for Amazon & WooCommerce

TheShark for Amazon and WooCommerce allows to import products from Amazon to their own WooCommerce shop. TheShark offers a a lot of features that helps to make your life easier and improve your dropshipping / affiliate business experience.

Using TheShark for Amazon and woocommerce help you to create fully-fledged online stores ready to bring you high stable profit.

Starter Plan One time payment

$29,99 $ $24,99
  • 1 website support
  • Unlimited import

Advanced PlanOne time payment

$39,99 $ $34,99
  • 3 websites support
  • Unlimited import

Our Main Features

Dropshipping and Affiliates

  • Choose if you want to import products as dropshipper or as affiliates
  • The affiliates import the last will redirect the end user to amazon to make the purchase
  • The dropshipping import will not redirect the user to Amazon and the end user will make the purchase on your store, then it is up to you to place the order on Amazon

Product language and currency

  • Import products according to the current website language and currency
  • Example: Aliexpress France, products are imported in French language and euro currency
  • United states AliExpress is imported in English and dollar currency
  • No need to convert currency
  • This applies to all Aliexpress domains

Various Amazon domain

  • Almost all amazon domains are supported
  • Products language are imported according to the current amazon domain, if you are visiting amazon France, all the details will be in French
  • Supported Amazon domains: .com,, .in,, .fr, .de, .it, .nl, .es,,, .ca,, .br, .eu, .pl

Automatic price calculation formula

  • Create and manage different price intervals
  • Define a formula for each price interval
  • Define the complex mathematical formula
  • Editing the formula is a simple task

Import product specifications

  • Specify the product specifications that will be displayed to the user in the ‘specifications’ tab
  • The user can either keep the default specifications or update them
  • They can delete any row or add new specifications

Import description and short description

  • Import and customize the original product description
  • Import images from variations
  • Import images from reviews
  • ​Import images from description
  • Remove all pictures from the description
  • Remove the whole description content
  • Remove text from the description
  • Edit the description using an advanced editor

Import Product Reviews and ratings to WooCommerce

  • Import original product reviews including reviews content, publisher, publication date, and rating
  • Create new custom reviews and ratings
  • Customize and edit reviews content, publisher, and date
  • Create new reviews

Import categories from WooCommerce

  • Select multiple categories to which the product will be imported
  • Categories are loaded dynamically from the WooCommerce categories

Import Images to WooCommerce

  • Import product images
  • Customize product images using an advanced image editor
  • Import images from variations
  • Import images from reviews
  • Import images from description
  • Crop, resize, add text, etc., using Lunapic editor

Import and customize product variations

  • Import variations, variations price, sale price, SKU, weight, quantity, images
  • Customize variations price, sale price, SKU, quantity, and weight
  • Remove unwanted variations
  • Apply one price to all variations

Publish/draft featured

  • Choose either to publish the product directly or save it as a draft
  • Draft products will not be available online unless the user publishes them
  • Set a product to be a featured product on WooCommerce

Bulk import affiliate and simple products

  • TheShark for amazon allows to import products in bulk with advanced preferences
  • Choose products from search results and add them to waiting list then import them with single click